How to find game which suit for you ?

really it is important to play games to release mind…!!!

Hi Guys today i will tell you best trick to calm your mind and distress with mobile game. Really many peoples are incredibally smart because of games why are they really reads books where they get that much IQ level from? yeah gamers are totally involve in games but developer creates every situations in game and gamer struggle to solve that with their small mind but with much more games their iq level getting better and better. we can check latest games and situations which can describe this better,

  1. pubg mobile : When i play pubg for first time i was not so fast to listen words or what happening around me but after playing pubg my iq is bit better and can easily sense what’s wrong going around me, it also supports me to get decisions faster in daily tasks.
  2. COD : many times you finding something and you are not supposed to get thing easily but it really helps to get sense ability to find things faster, even sometimes people forget that they are part of real world.
  3. puzzles: some peoples are dull in math, i really recommend to play such games which having mathematical puzzles .

A few considerations on Gears of War 1, Or: Sometimes you just wanna shoot stuff and that is alright.

I as of late got Xbox Game Pass (which is astounding btw), and chose to give Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 a go. It’s not the most very much upgraded game. As a matter of fact it runs like poo. For a 2015 remaster of something that turned out in 2006, keeping my preset on Low to get a stable [email protected] on my i5-6500|GTX1060|16GB apparatus was disillusioning.

Specialized issues aside however, it’s a fun, short, and basic game: You follow the way the game takes you on – both actually and narratively – shoot the foes, and at last you’ll complete the game. You’re not given any stuff to mess with. You don’t step up, there are no aptitudes, there are no capacities, there is no stuff the board beside trading your weapons with those you find en route, there are no genuine riddles to tackle. You in a real sense just run, hide, and shoot stuff. Furthermore, for a 8-10 hour experience, it’s pretty fun.

The game doesn’t outstay its greeting and can simply keep up a consistent movement, simply giving enough regarding interactivity and story to keep you drew in for the entire run. Now and then it’ll toss in another sort of adversary, in some cases you’ll get another sort of weapon, as a rule the individuals in your 4-man crew will fill silence with interesting chat. It very well may be the most refined, clear, and “spot on” gaming experience I can recollect playing… what’s more, that is alright.

Its my experiance with only one game but even i play pubg lot more and i really appreciate it .

Also having some disadvantages to play games :

some peoples get involve in games much deeper and forget about the real world which is totally wrong and can cause physical fitness of the gamer. like some peoples play pubg in late night even some not sleeps for 2 3 days for reaching at conqueror level. which definitely can cause with mind and effect can be dangerous so avoid such cases. and play only of fun and with some time limitations.

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